Dear Gossips,

Thanks for all your emails and tweets yesterday in response to the Oscar wrap-up. Duana and I finally crashed last night around 11pm after dinner with friends at Cooks County where we saw Mark Ruffalo which reminded us...

We didn’t write about Mark Ruffalo!

So we’re making it up to Mark Ruffalo here in the open because he’s the best, even though that Avengers bit was kinda flat -- blame the overall poor direction of the show. There were 5 of them on stage, bookended by RDJ and Sam Jackson and even though that might be hard to frame, when the joke references both of them, it would have been better to give us a wide shot to see both reactions, right?

Still, it didn’t seem to matter. Seth MacFarlane’s misogynist Oscars were very well rated. Fine. But was it his hosting, or was it the fact that so many Best Picture nominees were $100 million+ performers?

Yesterday’s column was long -- over 40 posts and over 13,000 words AND the Girls and The Walking Dead recaps. Please scroll down and keep hitting VIEW OLDER if you missed any articles. I’ve also added some additional pictures to LifeStyle, including one of myself with... a braid crown!

The winner of the Annual Contest sponsored by VH Steamers will be announced as soon as we make arrangements with the winner. How did you do on your ballot?

Am heading back to Vancouver later this afternoon so it could be a shorter day. If that’s the case, regular schedule will resume tomorrow.

Thank you, again, for your support and feedback yesterday. Please do keep writing to us, yelling at us, cussing at us -- we can’t get enough!

Yours in gossip,