Dear Gossips,

For the last few years, Ellen DeGeneres has been doing this bit on her show where she puts an earpiece on a celebrity and gets them to say whatever she orders them to say to unsuspecting civilians. David Beckham’s done it. My favourite was Sofia Vergara. Click here to see.

Anyway, they’ve now turned it into an entire show called Repeat After Me hosted by Wendi McLendon-Covey. You probably know her best from Bridesmaids. And Justin Bieber was on the first episode because he’s best friends with Ellen now since she’s helping out with his Contrition Tour. JB goes bowling. And he twerks. And it’s actually pretty cute. At the beginning, these hidden camera shows always are, right? “The conditions are not the best here.” Ha.

How long can they sustain it though?

Like would you watch if it was regular people doing it? Or, for you, will it have to be a famous person every time? And what level of famous person? Like, I don’t give a sh-t if it’s Kellan Lutz, you know?

Here’s JB going pee at a gas station in Beverly Hills yesterday. Are gas stations in Beverly Hills nicer to pee in? This is not an experiment I would volunteer for.

Yours in gossip,