Dear Gossips,

Was it a Victory Leg? Was the Jolie Right Leg thrust out in triumph?

Jennifer Aniston’s Wanderlust earned just $6.5 million at the box office this weekend. Meanwhile, Angelina was happily holding hands with the Pitts at the Oscars, celebrating Brad’s nomination. In that spirit, maybe it was a Party Leg.

Wanderlust did not receive bad reviews. Compared to some of Aniston’s recent releases, it’s almost acclaimed. So what turned audiences away? I’m not sure Aniston fans want to see their girl in the woods milking cows. That’s how a fanbase can suffocate you, you know? And let’s not let Paul Rudd off either. Everybody is hahaha-ing about Aniston’s box office bomb but Rudd’s comedic appeal was supposed to be half the lure. And his supporters weren’t exactly enthusiastic either. Because they didn’t want to see him with her? Or because it kinda feels like Paul Rudd is stuck in a rut?

It’s back to normal after Oscar Week today. Duana and I are pre-writing as much as we can before our flights home. Sasha will be back in LifeStyle along with Hayley, and more from Milan Fashion Week too. You’ve figured out the blind riddle by now, haven’t you?

Yours in gossip,