Dear Gossips,

My favourite GIF of the year so far is from Girls, the first episode this season. You know the one. I LOVE that scene. I’ve creeped that scene too many times on the PVR. Since it’s NSFW I won’t post it in the open to the site but click here if, somehow, you’ve forgotten that beautiful moment of television – NSFW, obviously.

So about that ass…

Yesterday I read an article at Salon. The title:

Ass is the new pussy: Why anilingus is on the rise

Um, yes please. They baited, I clicked. The point of the piece?

Ass Positive = Sex Positive

2014 was the Year of the Booty. Shouldn’t this just be a natural extension of it?

Gender is irrelevant. The only concern here is pleasure. Both tactile and visual. Because while this article makes several salient points advocating on behalf of Ass Play, the one observation that’s missing is… well… the observation.

On top of all those “nerve endings”, it’s just really, really hot to look at. Erotic as f-ck. When I’m watching my favourite porn star show me his talents, that’s the move that sends me off like a rocket every time. Click here to read the piece at Salon.

Yours in gossip,