Dear Gossips,

Wind and thighs. It’s all I saw in my sleep last night -- wind and thighs.

On Friday I wrote that the actual game seemed secondary leading up to the Super Bowl. That it felt like the game might have to try extra hard to top the headlines the next morning...with a blackout? Actually no. Because even then we found a way to bring that back to her. Beyonce, of course. More on her later...

Question: why does Oprah talk like Darth Vader now?

Today is the first day of Chinese Spring. Also, from today forward, all babies born this year are considered the sign of the Snake. The Chinese Squawking Chicken’s annual Chinese New Year lookout is coming this week in advance of Chinese New Year’s Day on February 10. It means you should be cleaning before Sunday. Get rid of all your old sh-t. Toss whatever’s been lying around blocking your good feng shui.

So... how’s your Oscar ballot coming along? Is it ready? I hope it’s ready. Because this year it’s our biggest year. We’re posting the Annual Contest details later this morning and, in addition to the usual designer bag (Prada, gorgeous leather tote in what they call “pomice” which is a pale dove grey, see below), the winner will also receive a mega cash prize of $5,000. That’s FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. You’ve been studying right?

Yours in gossip,