Dear Gossips,

The new cover of HELLO! features Princess Catherine holding the future king on their way to Mustique, his very first holiday. Little George is 8 months old. So then I started thinking about Little G is growing up in social media generation. He’s growing up in the wake of the Justin Bieber era. Whatever the Instagram will be in 10 years, will Will and Kate be able to restrict him from using it? Can you imagine if Rich Kids of Instagram included a future monarch? The immediate reaction would be no way, that would never happen. That the royal family will resist. But then again, can they? For how long can they resist?

Prince George is probably the most privileged boy in the world. He could have anything. He could be anything. Except…a pop star. He could never, ever be a pop star. Even if he had the vocal chords of Luther Vandross and Celine Dion combined, he could never be a pop star. Why is this splitting my head in 8 different directions?

Yours in gossip,