Dear Gossips,

Wednesday was the Start of Spring on the Chinese calendar meaning it’s now officially the Year of the Goat/Sheep (even though Chinese New Year is on February 19th). That day I posted a Squawking Chicken (my ma) advisory for those born in the Year of the Ox. The Goat/Sheep is the opposing sign of the Ox…which means that the Ox (and that includes me) is in for some sh-t. Click here for a refresher.

I’ve had several follow-up Ox emails since that post. Most commonly, you’re asking about being a pregnant Ox in the Year of the Goat/Sheep and giving birth to a Goat/Sheep. The Squawking Chicken’s recommendation: Godparents. But make sure your child’s godparents are NOT born Ox. Best godparents are those born in the Years of the Chicken, Dog, or Rabbit.

Last year, during the Year of the Horse, Rats were the ones who took a lot of piss in the face. What does the Year of the Goat/Sheep mean for Rats? It won’t be so bad. But the Squawking Chicken says that Rats still need to be vigilant during the Goat/Sheep. In August and September especially, you must take extra precautions while driving. For extra protection, donate blood in those months, or go see the dentist.

Rats will be busy this year. Sometimes, when you’re busy, and you work your ass off, it never goes anywhere, you still never get anywhere. A Rat’s busy-ness this year however will be fruitful. That’s good. It means you’ll see the reward of your hard work.

If you are a Rat in a romantic relationship however, the Goat/Sheep will test you this year. It’ll be argumentative. So you’ll have to be patient and try not to overreact. That’s good advice all the time but in this case for Rats it’s imperative that you don’t lose your cool.

Next on Monday: the outlook for the Tiger. The Squawking Chicken is trying to get through all 12 signs before Chinese New Year.

Grammys on Sunday. Rumour is Madonna is opening the show. If it’s anything like the video for Living For Love that I posted yesterday – click here for a refresher - I’m in. Full recap on Monday along with highlights from the BAFTAs.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,