Dear Gossips,

What are you doing this weekend? Jacek and I are going to the hockey game tomorrow – his first Vancouver Canucks road game, and just in time because they’re deep into a 6 game losing streak – and then I’m not moving from the couch and the Olympics.

If only Evgeni Plushenko could skate every day at the Olympics. Is there anyone else who embraces the theatricality of it all like Evgeni Plushenko? Has there been anyone as devoted to a hairstyle as Evgeni Plushenko? I have never dated a Russian guy. But if I could date a Russian guy, it would be Evgeni Plushenko. For, like, 3 months. I feel like all the drama in my life is amateur hour compared to the drama that would be my life if Evgeni Plushenko were in it.

Also, they should allow same sex pairs on Battle Of The Blades. And my team would be Evgeni Plushenko and Alexander Ovechkin. Come ON! You would watch that. I KNOW you would watch that!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,