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Dear Gossips,

Bookending the intro today with giveaways -- up first, if you’re in Vancouver and you want to go to the Canucks game tomorrow night (Saturday February 9) vs the Calgary Flames, I’ve a pair of tickets (2 seats) available. Email [email protected] with the subject title CANUCKS by Noon PT to enter random draw. Good luck!

Might be a short column today because... it’s Chinese New Year on Sunday! I have to start cleaning and clearing. This is Chinese custom in preparation for the New Year: throw out your old sh-t, get rid of the clutter, wipe everything down, launder your clothes, sweep away the Year of the Dragon to welcome the Year of the Snake. Remember, Good Luck Avoids A Mess. So you’re washing today and Saturday, but definitely not on Sunday when the Snake arrives. Not even your hair if you can help it. Otherwise, you’re pushing out your New Year luck.

As we do every year here, my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, has a few suggestions for those born under certain signs. Not all signs have been included but she’s highlighting the ones below because, for whatever reason, there are things you need to look out for. Here’s how she sees it: no one needs to be ready for good news, but everyone appreciates a heads up on what to avoid. Instead of being alarmed then, take the opportunity to be vigilant. As I’ve said, per my ma, over and over on this blog, sometimes good luck is harnessed by how you manage your bad luck in the preceding years. Some years your luck will allow you to be aggressive. Other years your luck will need to be conserved. Click here to find your sign.

We are entering the Year of the Snake. Snakes, Goats, and Pigs may encounter some challenges this year. The Chinese Squawking Chicken advises caution. And, in particular, avoid hospitals and funerals if you can help it. Obviously if it’s a relative, you don’t have a choice. But those who are living through low luck years are especially vulnerable in those environments. Again, do not be afraid. You cannot expect to have good luck year after year forever. But you can increase the benefits of good luck when it comes in the way that you deal handle your bad luck. If you safeguard smartly, put your head down and brace through it, when it passes it’ll open up channels for good luck to break through.

Unfortunately no one will have it worse during the Year of the Snake than the Tiger. The Snake is the opposing sign of the Tiger. My ma is a Tiger. She urges other Tigers to make health a priority. There’s a saying in Chinese that goes like this: 3 celebrations can fight a disaster.

Tigers may benefit this year from “happy celebrations”: a wedding in the family, a baby too, a big birthday party, an anniversary party. This is why I got married in 2001, the last time it was the Year of the Snake. It helped my ma block or at least minimise the effects of whatever was coming for her.

Dragons have been in this position the last couple of years. It was a sh-t streak. Good news for you Dragons -- it’ll turn around now.

And finally, for Rabbits, an optimistic outlook for you too...but be careful. Good luck comes in different forms. Good luck can be solid and loyal. But good luck can also be fleeting and easily distracted. Rabbits will be lucky this year but the luck is fragile. You will be susceptible to “luck stealers”. Luck can most easily be “stolen” around sickness -- in hospitals, at funerals. Like the others above, Rabbits too should, if possible, stay away from those environments. Protect Your Luck. Luck has a long memory. If it remembers that you didn’t take care of it before, it may not be so willing to come back.

As she has every year, the Squawking Chicken has prepared a few lucky charm pockets. Since Snakes, Goats, Pigs, and Tigers may have it the roughest this year, we have 10 to give away to those born under those signs. If you would like to enter the random draw, please email [email protected] with the subject title YEAR OF THE SNAKE.

Happy New Year and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Yours in gossip,


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