Dear Gossips,

January 4th came and went. No announcement about Beyonce’s Little Rider which is when I initially thought she and Jay would choreograph its arrival, so that all three of them could share their favourite #4 birthdays. Can she hang on to February 4? Given that she’s on lockdown, I wonder if that’s too far off, though I suppose Beyonce could probably deliver her baby and perform a week later at the Grammys, in heels, if she really wanted to.

For what it’s worth, while other outlets were reporting that it was to be St Luke’s Hospital just before New Year’s Eve, I’ve always heard that Lenox Hill Hospital is where the Throne will crown. All that other business about tricking out an entire floor super deluxe styles is the same though.  

By request, a new health and fitness feature will be added to LifeStyle today! None of my clothes fit. And I’m heading to LA for the weekend where people don’t eat. It’s time to get militant. For award season. More on this later.

Still no denials from the Timberlakes about their engagement. Negotiating a magazine cover? Or just waiting for enough time to have passed after Britney’s? It’s been over a decade... and still, Pip, we still care about her more than we care about you.

Yours in gossip,