Dear Gossips,

Thank you so much for your wonderful response to the addition of Hayley’s Health & Fitness columns on the LifeStyle page of the site. She’ll start answering more of your emails next week, in addition to kicking me in the ass on my program beginning Monday.

Duana’s back today with Vampire Diaries, Sasha’s advice and style posts will return on Monday, and tomorrow it’s the Palm Springs Film Festival gala where Brange and Clooney are expected. Oscar nomination polls close on January 13. So Palm Springs is kinda like their last push to get in. Which is why they’re usually chattier than usual, and extra extra posey.

Am in LA the next few days covering the TCA winter press tour and Palm Springs for etalk. Kinda excited for Smash... am I crazy? Angelica Huston! And hopefully some Pitt Porn to start the year right.

I’ll be tweeting through the junket and on the carpets. This is my Twitter.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,