Dear Gossips,

You should know already what this intro will be about. I mean...The Throne, she crowned. And not even the Brange going out on Saturday night in Palm Springs could push her out of the way.

But first...

Can I get a little boasty? Because, well, The Heir was born at Lenox Hill Hospital.  As I reported last week. And just as it wasn’t St Luke, it also wasn’t Tiana May. Please. More on Beyonce’s baby later.

Today’s column is heavy. LifeStyle is back on regular operation with several celebrity style posts and articles from Hayley and Sasha. Also I interviewed George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie at the Palm Springs Film Festival. They were ALL working it hard this weekend. Oscar nominations haven’t closed yet. Everyone wanted to talk. (Almost) everyone stopped for the press line. Campaign, campaign, campaign. Full observations to follow. And how Nicole Richie judged me.

Get ready for a big week. NBR is tomorrow night. Critics’ Choice happens on Thursday and then the Globes on Sunday. 6 straight weeks of award smut starts now.   

Yours in gossip,