Dear Gossips,


Hushpuppy got nominated for Best Actress!

And HOLY SH-T, Hushpuppy’s director -- practically an amateur! -- took a nomination away from Ben Affleck. All that campaigning, all that trotting out his kids, and... nothing. Well, at least he’s not alone, right?

Could anyone have predicted that the Academy would have punked off Kathryn Bigelow too? The old people in Palm Springs, they really, really love Steven Spielberg and Lincoln is definitely the favourite going in with all those nominations but...

Then there’s Harvey Weinstein and his Silver Linings Playbook with 6 weeks to go, it’s a new game now. More on the Oscars later...

But goddamn it is busy. People’s Choice Awards were last night and Justin Timberlake had to stick his dick into everyone’s business and make an announcement, on top of everything else, like Super Bowl buzz and George Clooney’s new commercial ...

It’s Gossip High Season. Please stick around!

Yours in gossip,


PS. Thanks to Freda’s in Toronto for the dress I wore on Stars & Scandals 2012!