Dear Gossips,

Duana has been nagging me for years - YEARS - to watch Veronica Mars. Finally, over Christmas, weakened by a bad cold, I agreed. Knowing I’d be in LA for a few days for the TCA with two flights, I downloaded the first 8 episodes and brought them here with me. Couldn’t sleep the other night so I watched the first. And the second. And burned through four of them, all the while texting Duana...

What is happening and why the F-CK didn’t I just download the entire first season? Well, because I’ve run out of space on my iPad.

I officially have a Veronica Mars problem. Am still not into Kristen Bell, but I do have a very serious love affair happening with her character. Duana, as you can imagine, because, like me, being right is her most favourite thing in the world, is now waiting for a formal concession. I’ve decided to hold off until I finish Season1.  She is very good at being smug.

As for Kristen Bell’s new show House of Lies, which premiered this week, Duana’s reviewing that today, in between what’s sure to be half a dozen gloaty messages to me about how she told me so.

But, in finally appreciating the value of Veronica Mars, it’s worth noting that there really isn’t enough good TV. Or, rather, that there is too much terrible TV at the expense of good TV. That’s especially evident here at the TCA as the networks present their offerings. I won’t sh-t on any of the disappointments but I will highlight the bright spots. Like Smash. I liked Smash a lot. It’s not perfect but it’s more than just solid, and having seen the first two episodes, I really do hope it finds an audience; it certainly deserves to more than some of the dumbassness they keep on the air. Am previewing Good Christian Belles later. Leslie Bibb!

Yes, yes, of course we are still talking about the B.I.C. today. After all, what’s the birth of a Messiah if it’s not accompanied by controversy and speculation? This is what they’ll tell the Blue Ivy when she’s old enough to throw around her entitlement: that all those born to greatness will be challenged from the moment they arrive.

It’s a sh-tkicker of a day today. I am at the junket from 8:30am - 6pm with only very short breaks in between. Much of today’s content was written on Monday night. I’ll post via Blackberry through the day when I have the chance. Duana and Sarah both have new pieces, and Sasha too. Thanks for understanding!

Yours in gossip,