Dear Gossips,

On the one hand, at the 2016 Golden Globes last night, it was all about The Revenant. These were the key words to the film: struggle, survival, the human spirit, and I think Leo threw “trust” in there too. Team Revenant was struggling, surviving, trusting, and embracing the human spirit. Everyone else on stage, led by Ricky Gervais, seemed to be embracing a different message:

These awards don’t mean sh-t.

OK. But even though the Globes don’t as accurately predict Oscar as some of the other awards, it still wasn’t a great night for Spotlight. Then again, Spotlight, in comparison to The Revenant and The Martian, has not been as thirsty for it as the others. And Spotlight didn’t light up the box office the way The Struggle and The Martian did. Does Spotlight have the budget to make a big push in the next few weeks? Now would be the time to get out there.

We have a lot of time to speculate about the Oscars. Nominations will be announced on Thursday. On this day, as has been tradition for 12 years now on this blog, we talk about the show, the moments, the dress porn, the dress suck. Duana and I have been up all night, screaming at Twitter, arguing with each other, and looking forward to arguing with you. Keep tweeting us and sending emails. Give us the fuel!

It will be very, very heavy on the site today. As of this writing, just after midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, we’re counting at least 50 posts. They won’t all fit on this first page, or even on the second page, so please keep scrolling and clicking on VIEW NEXT to get caught up with all of it. Thank you so much in advance for your support!

And tomorrow, we’ll come back and talk about Sean Penn. He can wait a f-cking day. (Actually, I say this and, um, I’m not sure that’s true.)

Yours in gossip,


PS. Idris Elba, who was nominated for two Golden Globes, didn’t show. That’s why you’re seeing his face attached to this open. 

PPS. If you say run, I’ll run with you…