Dear Gossips,

Now and again there are a few readers who email to ask about Joe Anderson. I interviewed him yesterday for a new show called The River. He is DREAMY.

For those of us in the gossip entertainment business, this week is kicking our asses. On top of the Blue Ivy and all the controversy she’s created, just by being born, from last Saturday to this coming Sunday, there are/were 5 elite galas to cover (Palm Springs, New York Film Critics Circle, National Board of Review, Critics’ Choice, and the Golden Globes), and a meaningless show called the People’s Choice Awards. Those happen tonight.

Last night it was the NBR. Very well attended. Many of the photos from the event are in the LifeStyle section. Meanwhile the Brange was in DC with their serious faces on to promote the Jolie’s movie. And over in LA, several contenders were actively campaigning with 3 days to go before nominations close. Including Michelle Williams in an outfit that brought me to my knees. Click over to LifeStyle to see.

So it’s another full schedule today. Duana, Hayley, Sarah, and Sasha are also all writing. I know you know, but I really do love award season.

And yes, we are LIVEBLOGGING the Golden Globes on Sunday starting at 7:30pm ET. Join us!

Yours in gossip,