Dear Gossips,

Prince showed up on stage at the Golden Globes. And so did Angela Bower. So as far as I’m concerned, Brange or not, it was a good night. I mean, it’s Prince. It’s the way he’s wearing those pants like I’ve always wanted to wear my pants but can’t. It’s the way he brought more style to the event than everyone else on the carpet. That’s not hyperbole. Prince, really, was the Best Dressed. But I can’t wait until later today to say that. He deserves to be first. He deserves to open today’s blog.

The Golden Globes are a joke in a lot of ways. But as I mentioned last month (click here for a refresher) when the nominations were announced, what they do well is recognise the unrecognised in television. In that respect, the Globes are much better than the Emmys. Gina Rodriguez taking down some major players in the television actress category was a great example of that last night. As was honouring Transparent. I posted briefly about Transparent in December. Find it. Watch it. And watch The Affair! Ahem, Duana recaps The Affair. And no, we are not gloating at all.

We have, however, been writing all night. The first article was posted at 1am ET. And we’re going all day until we get through as many celebrities as we can. That will take us up to Tingles. After Smutty Tingles, we’ll get to the after-parties and other non-Globe business. So the blog will be very, very, very heavy today. Please refresh often and please scroll down and click VIEW MORE to get caught up.

Six weeks to the Oscars. And in between we have Critics Choice, Grammys, SAGs, BAFTAs, and more.  

Keep up!

Yours in gossip,