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When I am working towards a goal, whether it’s in the gym, in a race or in life, I always figure out exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve my goal and then I create the plan, breaking it into months, days, hours and even minutes.  That way I know every single day exactly what I have to do to get closer to the desired outcome.

You cannot get anywhere without a plan and planning is key to making change because without the plan you will continually divert back to old habits.  I receive a lot of emails from readers that tend to be filled with excuses as to why they cannot make change and asking how they can finally get on a plan and get rid of their excuses.  These readers tell me that they do not have time to exercise or they do not like eating healthy or they do not know what to do at the gym when they go in for their workout and ask how I can make it easy for them. All I am able to do is help them create a plan and hope that they follow it.

If it is limited time that is preventing you from exercising you need to plan your time better so you can make time to fit in your workouts.  I understand that some days it is impossible to fit it in but there must be a few hours in a week that can be created (by making sacrifices) to do something for you.  Perhaps it is swapping childcare with a neighbour, bringing your workout clothing to work or setting a goal that forces you to stay committed.

If it is lacking the desire to eat healthy you need to create a plan that ensures each day you are eating the minimal requirements recommended to maintain good health.  Perhaps it is taking a cooking class and learning new healthy recipes or reading new recipes and making sure your pantry is stocked with the healthy essentials needed to create balanced meals or making sure you have enough food packed with you to get you through the day and keep you away from coffee shop treats.

If you are unsure of how to exercise or the gym intimidates you create a plan as to how you can be more comfortable in your exercise setting; maybe you hire a trainer for 1 session or you buy a book that explains what to do or you go with a friend who can show you and then you practice.  If you are injured then you take the necessary steps to rehabilitate the injury or you adjust your plan so that you can continue moving forward.

When you are on the plan it is easy, you simply wake up everyday and know exactly what you need to do and you go do it.  When you go out for your run, you know how far and how fast it needs to be, when you go to the gym you know what you should be working on and when you go to the grocery store you have a list that tells you exactly what you need to bring home to your pantry and refrigerator. 

Get rid of the excuses, tell yourself what needs to be done, be prepared to sacrifice to achieve your goal, and go do it.

Attached - Hilary Duff heading to boxing class yesterday.

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