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Also… the Pink Poodle of the Golden Globes?

Really appreciate your help identifying her. Her name is Yola Szajerska-Hayek, a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Google her. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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I’m so proud of my friend Dan Levy. He’s the co-creator, producer, writer, and one of the stars of the new show Schitt’s Creek, premiering on CBC tonight and in the US on POP TV (formerly the TV Guide Network) in February.

In Canada you know Dan from MTV. From The Aftershow. Or from Tina Fey’s Admission. Many of you who’ve come to our SMUT Soiree know him as the best dressed guy with, always, the best glasses. And now he and his father, Eugene Levy, are playing father and son, in a show about a rich ass family that’s lost everything and has to move to a hick town and start over. The cast was just at the TCAs last week and the reviews were solid. Even before the premiere, Schitt’s Creek has already been renewed for a second season.

One more thing: Catherine O’Hara is in it. We can’t be friends if you don’t love Catherine O’Hara. And by the way, her wardrobe on this show is sick.

I’ve known Dan a long time. And of course I would support him in whatever he does. But I’m also supporting him now because he’s delivered something wonderful, something all-Canadian but internationally appealing, something worth watching and celebrating.

You did it, Dan.

Yours in gossip,