Dear Gossips,

Golden Globes on Sunday! Duana, Sarah, Sasha, and I are liveblogging the show starting at 7:30pm ET - join us for some Pitt Porn!

As for the Critics’ Choice Awards last night...

At this point in the Oscar race, the supporting categories seem to be shaping up. If there is anyone who remotely resembles a lock, it’s probably Christopher Plummer. Especially after that speech last night. In his badass pink shirt and spotted bow tie. Those old time voters will be on side, and the others will just want to put him up on stage. Captain Von Trapp!

But who, exactly, are the televised Critics’ Choice Awards for? The show is broadcast on VH1 and the producers have evidently decided that a group of, I dunno, stoner 20 somethings actually care about films that don’t crack $100 million. Or they don’t think they care about the films which is why they had a dude dress up like a tree to mock The Tree Of Life?

This to represent a critics association that honoured a film like The Artist...? Incongruous is an understatement.

More from the Critics’ Choice Awards later. Including how Leo got my quiver back. Many straight up style photos from the event will continue to be added to LifeStyle.  

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,