Dear Gossips,

Ben Affleck, Puffy-Diddy, and Bradley Cooper all dated Jennifer Lopez. They were all at the Golden Globes last night. As was the waiter-bear she picked up along the way. Is that a new record? I feel like Taylor Swift could beat that one day. This is why we love it, this Hollywood sh-t. Because it IS high school. It’s Grade 9 to 12 all the time, especially during award season. Clearly whoever’s directing the show in the truck doesn’t understand this. Because there were not enough cutaways to the correct people at the right times. Can you imagine how much higher the ratings would be if they’d let a proper gossip decide on close-ups and when?

Rule Number 1: Always, always show me Jennifer Garner’s face when JLO is on stage.

Rule Number 2: Always, always show me Taylor Swift’s face when Tina Fey tells her to stay away from Michael J Fox’s son.

Rule Number 3: Julia Roberts was preaching at Leonardo DiCaprio all night -- LET ME SEE THIS.

As for Tina and Amy...

I told Duana on Saturday that I couldn’t conceive of a world in which Tina Fey and Amy Poehler wouldn’t be great. And they were great. SO great. Not enough great, in fact, because they went missing for so much of the night so that boring people like Megan Fox and that Jonah Hill could present awards. And Eva Longoria. And Jessica Alba. That’s at least six minutes right there. Six more minutes of Tina and Amy we could have all celebrated. Still, that was a good show, wasn’t it? One of the better shows we’ve had in years. It moved. There were few, if any, lulls. And then there was Jodie Foster!

We will try to get through it all today. Which means that the Girls recap and other gossip business will be pushed until tomorrow. The Globes take precedence today. Even over Justin Timberlake, hard as he’s trying to hijack the situation. As always, please, please, please write to us, yell at us, tweet us @duanaelise and @laineygossip. We very much want to know your thoughts.

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Yours in gossip,