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Dear Gossips,

The SAG Awards are on Saturday. We don’t usually work on the weekends here at LaineyGossip but we’re working this weekend…but not because of the SAGs.

Duana and I will be liveblogging Lifetime’s Flowers In The Attic. If you are asking why then you’ve never read Flowers In The Attic which means you are much younger than we are. Go on being cool then. We’ll just be over here getting ready to watch incest. Look, it’s “work”, OK? This is my job. And that’s my rationalisation.

To borrow a word from Duana, I’m “squicked” about Those Scenes. You know Those Scenes. At the same time, because I’m a degenerate pervert, I also really, really want to see them. Which, I suppose, was part of the draw of those books. I told Duana on the phone last night (yes, millennials, we actually talk on the phone sometimes and not just text) that I need to re-read the book before the weekend because I can’t remember some of the sh-t that went down. All I remember is the discomfort and the compulsion.

Ellen Burstyn plays the Grandmother. And by all accounts, she totally becomes her. This means I will be having nightmares about Ellen Burstyn until the summer.

So join us on Saturday if you have nothing better to do than watch a TV movie about lonely, frightened siblings who, um, turn to each other for comfort. Click here to read Duana’s previous post about Flowers In The Attic.

Yours in gossip,


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