Dear Gossips,

Thanks for all your feedback, all your emails and tweets, yesterday re: our annual Golden Globes wrap-up. We posted late into the day. Please scroll down if you missed the last of the articles -- there were over 40 of them! Duana’s best was Juliana Margulies. My best was Lucy Liu’s Asian Marie Antoinette.

God I love an awards show high. And we still have 6 weeks left. And the energy around it all is even better this year since it’s such a tight race. Everyone is saying Lincoln suffered a major setback last week with all the love for Argo coming out of Critics’ Choice and the Golden Globes. Mortally wounded? It needs to make a move at the guilds. This race changes every three weeks or so though. At the beginning of December after Les Miserables screened, it was considered the favourite. Then came Zero Dark Thirty. Then Lincoln reclaimed the lead. Now Argo is surging again. And no one wants to count out Silver Linings, the supposed “underdog”. With Harvey Weinstein behind it? Please.

Study up then. As briefly mentioned yesterday, our annual Oscar predictions contest begins in February and this year’s prize is the biggest we’ve ever offered. There’s a LOT of CASH on the line, as well as a really great designer bag that I’m contractually obliged to give you even though I want to keep it for myself.

Here’s a first world problem: there is no PVR/DVR at the hotel. When I’m at home this is not a problem. But I’m in Toronto this week. And Mariah Carey’s American Idol starts tomorrow. And tomorrow night I have a dinner meeting. Which means I’ll probably miss at least the first half hour of the first episode. You would not believe the anxiety I’m having over this. Or it could be that I’m not smoking real cigarettes anymore. Is it possible to become addicted to an electronic cigarette? Has anyone had to go back to real cigarettes to quit the e-cigarette? Was that a quirky girl attribute in a romantic comedy once?

Yours in gossip,