Dear Gossips,

The Oscar nominations were just announced. I’ll have more analysis later. But from a Gossip perspective, all you need to know is this…

NO Aniston.
NO Brange.

If you’re Team Brange, you’re happy that Aniston’s campaign ultimately couldn’t deliver. If you’re Team Aniston, well, I don’t know if the fact that Angelina’s Unbroken not living up to expectation will make up for the fact that Jen wasn’t invited for the party.

If you’re on the side of Good Gossip…


We lost today.

Because, frankly, that’s where we live. In a world where all of them could have collided on that carpet.

But for those of us who love Marion Cotillard, that’s where we find our delight. I wrote last week a post called “It should be Marion”. About how Aniston’s hustle seemed to take Marion’s incredible performance in Two Days, One Night out of the race.

Holy sh-t. The Academy actually voted on merit?

More thoughts to come. And don’t forget, it’s the Critics Choice Awards. Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt have all been nominated. It’ll be our only chance of the year…

Yours in gossip,