Dear Gossips,

Sundance begins tomorrow. A preview will be posted later today. You know who wanted to go? Lindsay Lohan, obviously. But The Canyons was rejected, supposedly because the festival didn’t want her there.

“Well, none of us have plans to do porn," said Amy to Tina.

Lohan stayed quite a long time in London, returning only recently. Her trip was entirely paid for by a benefactor. She thanks him for his generosity in other ways. It always seems like there are middle-aged men with gifts lingering around her, non? By now most of you have probably read last week’s Lohan piece in The New York Times Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie. It’s a delicious, fascinating account (and again, it demonstrates how far Lohan has descended -- that this writer was permitted to be so revealing without fear of repercussion; this almost never happens in celebrity coverage) but its flaw, to me anyway, was indulging in that tired comparison between Lohan and Marilyn Monroe, intended to elicit sympathy. This is kindness, I guess. It is human -- and perhaps the best part of being human -- to search for reasons, to find an explanation. It is also human to be afraid. Afraid that sometimes you can’t explain away an asshole and a loser. Afraid of what it means when you run out of people and things to blame and all that’s left is a girl who makes people wait around, refusing to show up on time, while everyone else on the team is depending on her, and only ends up coming when she’s threatened with being fired.

That’s the part in the article that’s most telling to me about the character of Lindsay Lohan. Had she not turned up, just 15 minutes after being warned, had she been incapable of dragging herself out of bed, had she been unable to summon the strength, the spirit, the energy to open the door, I’d be more inclined, maybe, to give in to the impulse to feel sorry for her. But that the fact that she came right away when she realised they wouldn’t let her f-ck around anyway? That exposes exactly who Lindsay Lohan is. Click here to read the NYT piece if you haven’t already.

Good gossip is dropping today, by the way. Look out for it.

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