Dear Gossips,

I have just entered the third and final trimester of my book pregnancy. And I had promised that I would treat it like a baby pregnancy – be super self-indulgent and talk about it all the time, every page edit was supposed to be a baby kick – so I’m throwing myself a gender reveal party.

Actually, a book cover reveal party. I get to have two because the Canadian cover and the US cover are different. Here’s the Canadian cover of my book, Listen To The Squawking Chicken to be released in Canada on April 1 and in the US on April 22. Unlike real mothers, I won’t be mad if you tell me my baby is ugly. I will also totally expect you to talk about my baby behind my back and judge me for how much book weight I’ve put on. So far around 10 lbs.

To pre-order my book in Canada, please click here.

To pre-order my book in the United States, please visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I’ll reveal the US cover soon. It’s totally different.

OMG, it’s like I’m having twins!

So…Oscar nominations today. As this open was written before the announcement was made, I’ll have more of an analysis later.

But Jonah Hill’s going back to the Oscars with his American Idol Leonardo DiCaprio!

Yours in gossip,