Dear Gossips,

American Sniper broke all kinds of records at the box office this weekend, right after the film was nominated for several Oscars. And it’s not a headline that Oscar voters would have missed. Which means it’s not a legitimate contender for Best Picture. And maybe don’t count out Bradley Cooper for Best Actor. You don’t think he’ll just concede to Michael Keaton, do you?

Not paying attention to the facts of the story clearly didn’t hurt Murica Sniper’s appeal. The filmmakers will tell you that the point of the movie is to expose the hard toll of war on everyone. But they’ve also helped glorify someone who – it’s been proven time and again, click here and here – fabricated his own mythology. How many members of the audience who contributed to Sniper’s $100+ million box office this weekend will go and seek out the actual truth behind his claims?

Speaking of truth…

It was Bobby Brown’s truth that was represented in Lifetime’s Whitney movie, non? That still doesn’t mean I wasn’t riveted. I watched it twice, then the hour-long interview with him that followed. Not going to lie: I really liked it when he called her a “Little G”. And I spent the rest of the weekend listening to classic Whitney ballads. You know what it is? It’s because we thought we were there. It’s like visiting ourselves in that time. God I miss her. And/or… I miss me? We need a full-length Whitney feature film, please.

Yours in gossip,