Dear Gossips,


May 2013 be as Great For Gossip as 2012. I’ve a feeling it will be. After all, a Baby Royal is expected -- and a snake too! -- on the same timeline(ish) as Porny’s second and Kanye West’s girlfriend, like tiered gossip for every appetite, and how very democratic: the Cambridges for fine dining, Porny at the mid-level, and Kanye West’s girlfriend is totally fast food at the mall. PS. Princess Dondarella is my prediction for a name.

So welcome back, if you’re back. And if you missed the last week or so, please scroll down and through the pages -- there are some essentials you’ll need for the new winter session, including three new blind riddles that were posted on New Year’s Eve. Pigtails is not Jennifer Lopez.

Yours in gossip,