Dear Gossips,

Didn’t think it could get worse than Daniel Craig hosting Saturday Night Live but, as much as I love her, and I do, a LOT, at the end of the season, Jennifer Lawrence just might come away with that distinction. It was terrible. And it needn’t have been terrible. Because, as we know, Jennifer Lawrence is game. Jennifer Lawrence would have come to play. But they were probably all tapped out, having been recruited by Tina and Amy to write for their Globes, and they did a great job there, but, you know, I feel like maybe there should have been a backup plan. Or maybe not. Maybe that’s the problem. No one was concerned that having no backup plan would be a problem. We can tell. That much has been evident for too many years now -- that making SNL good is no longer a priority, or even an expectation. Sarah from Cinesnark once told me that SNL no longer attracts the top talent and that the funny people now prefer pursuing online opportunities and more obscure outlets. How much does something have to suck ON NATIONAL TELEVISION that people would rather be less visible and wait longer over starting there and capitalising from the exposure?

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

And Happy Inauguration Day, America!

Yours in gossip,