Dear Gossips,

I was stuck on what to open with today and then your emails saved me. Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange, was on Howard Stern this morning talking about his Oscar nomination. Apparently he claims that he was asleep when it all happened (ok, whatever you say) and that his ma was the one who called to tell him…and his reaction: “Did Leo get nominated?”

Love is selfless, isn’t it? Love is generous. Love is so beautiful.

I haven’t heard it yet…so I can’t confirm for you if this is legit, but, I mean, are you doubting? Let me know if you find the link before I do. “Did Leo get nominated?” might be my new ring tone.

(Thanks Laila & Theresa!)

BIIIIIIIG UPS to Canada’s Genie Bouchard who just made the semifinals at the Australian Open! She’ll meet Li Na from China which makes me feel like I wrote that book.

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Yours in gossip,