Dear Gossips,

As sick days go, yesterday was a good day to take off. Every time I woke up, in a panic and sweaty, worried I’d missed something, a big breaking scandal, I was reassured by the fact that, still, Beyonce remains the top story of the week. Which you know she must know, and repeat to herself:

The President was inaugurated this week, and people keep talking about ME.


Will Beyonce, who is not nominated, and is not scheduled to attend, find a way to dominate the SAGs in Sunday? I’ll be live-tweeting. Click here to see my Twitter. We’ll know then if it’s Chastain or Lawrence. Or maybe someone else, by surprise. Most experts continue to predict that for Oscar it’s still a Jessica vs Jennifer situation though there are a few who are saying that Academy voters aren’t hot on either and will end up putting through Emmanuelle Riva in the way I’ve been saying that Naomi Watts could be the one to benefit from split votes and a lack of enthusiasm for the other two. Riva is gaining momentum, but her weakness could be that she won’t be at the SAGs. Watch closely then. We’re announcing our Annual Contest very soon as I’ve already mentioned, there’s a huge cash prize on the line AND a designer bag. Tightest race in years deserves a worthy reward, non? Also coming soon -- Chinese New Year preparations. Be ready for the Snake!

Have a great weekend.

Yours in gossip,


PS. LifeStyle has been updated with new collections from Haute Couture Week in Paris.