Dear Gossips,

Before we get into a more thorough discussion about Demi Moore, can I direct your attention to what the  homepage at looked like last night for several hours, at least between 7pm and 10pm ET.

Check it - there’s Demi Moore in rehab in the corner as the top story, and then RIGHT BESIDE HER, oh hi Ashton Kutcher, having what looks like the best time ever in Brazil.


Sometimes, when a situation is so uncomfortable and/or inappropriate, my immediate reaction is to laugh. And then quickly cover my mouth. Call it emotional immaturity, whatever. I’m just saying that’s probably not what Team Demi wanted to have staring them in the face.

It’s a travel day today and the schedule is kinda wonky. My flight to Vancouver from Salt Lake City is at 11am but Dylan and Josh are leaving an hour earlier and it takes 45 mins to get to the airport from Park City. And you have you be there two hours ahead. Which means we have to leave the house at 7am local time. So I’ve tried to pre-write as much as I can to roll out while I’m in transit. Hopefully there will be wireless on the plane since I’m flying Delta. But I’m sorry in advance if it ends up being a lighter day. I’ll make it up tomorrow if it is.

Thanks for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience.

Yours in gossip,