Dear Gossips,

Between the PGA Awards, the SAG Awards, Sundance, Paris Fashion Week, and blind riddle subjects filing for divorce, it was a busy weekend in entertainment. So it’ll be a busy blog today too, likely spreading out over two pages. Please refresh often and scroll down to click VIEW MORE if you’re joining us late.

But first…

You laughed. And then JLO’s The Boy Next Door exceeded box office expectations. “I like your mother’s cookies” WAS NOT A FLOP. That distinction belongs to Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai. Let’s repeat that:

Jennifer Lopez opened bigger in January than Johnny Depp.

As for the SAG Awards…

Inside a month to go until the Oscars and we now have two tight races: Birdman vs Boyhood and Keaton vs Redmayne for Best Actor. If Michael Keaton had been working it the way Matthew McConaughey worked it last year, it probably wouldn’t be so close. Then again, you could say that Benedict Cumberbatch is working it way harder this year than Matthew McConaughey did last year and somehow he’s found himself in third, maybe even fourth the way Murica Sniper is dominating the box office.

We’ll get to SAG fashion and more (generally I thought this carpet was a lot more stylish than the Golden Globes) but we’ll also mix it up with some non-SAG posts along the way.

Yours in gossip,