Dear Gossips,

I missed Rihanna. And the show could have used some Bruno Mars too but he’s saving his business for the Super Bowl. Having Miley Cyrus there wouldn’t have hurt either. Because there didn’t seem to be any energy at the Grammys. When Kendrick Lamar brought the show to life, for some reason they followed up with Kacey Musgrave and her Christmas lights cowboy boots. It’s not her fault, no. But someone should have recognised that it would have been impossible for her to sustain the buzz. In 20 seconds, all that hype that was generated during the Mad City-Radioactive mash-up got pissed on by a neon cactus. Terrible pacing, right? And amateur hour on the production.

I shouldn’t have to see a crew member on his hands and knees closing the doors behind Queen Latifah when she makes her entrance. Whatever, cut to another shot, you have a million cameras at your disposal. And they couldn’t figure out another position for Latifah so that she wouldn’t have to get in the way of Madonna? Andrew Ridgeley aka Ryan Lewis had to leave his station to escort her, like tug on Latifah’s arm to move her out of the way…??!!??!! These are the small details that make a show. And when you don’t pay attention to them, everything ends up looking amateur.

So thanks God for Yoko Ono.

Yours in gossip,