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Katherine Heigl’s One For The Money opens today. It was not screened for critics in advance. So any critics who will review it have to go on their own and piss away two hours. Which is what Ramin Setoodeh did for Newsweek. He writes that One For The Money is worse than Gigli.

Take a moment, let that settle.


Heigl makes SPECTACULARLY sh-tty movies. And still... a curious observation in Setoodeh’s piece:

Like Jennifer Aniston, (Heigl’s) managed to hold to a Teflon-like exterior, that allows her to springboard from flop to the next. Maybe it’s because she made such a strong first impression. Among women between the age of 18 to 34, 80 percent reported being aware of Heigl, and her Q-score is 33, which means one-third of those women named her one of their favorite celebrities. In that demographic, she outranks Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Garner. “Younger women seem to be emotionally connecting with her,” says Henry Schafer, executive vice president of the Q-Scores company.

Um, why are younger women emotionally connecting with Katherine Heigl? Is it the kind of young women who show up for internships unwilling to file and stack and instead expect to be doing the most important work, like, immediately? Katherine Heigl a role model to the Entitled, that I can believe.

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