Dear Gossips,

A few weeks ago I called it Argo Remorse -- click here for a refresher. Snubbing Ben Affleck for Best Director could very well turn out to be a gift from the Academy since he’s been receiving pity ovations and pity-winning at every awards opportunity from the time they announced the nominations. And there’s Lincoln, shaking his head, having come out of the gate so hard with so many nominations -- the most of the entire field -- and losing momentum at every stop.

Still, even though Argo had a very, very big weekend -- the Producers’ Guild named it Best Picture too -- still I’m not sure it’s a lock. As many of the experts keep pointing out, Apollo 13 went on the same run and didn’t take the big prize. And this is why the Afflecks are leaving nothing to chance. Did you see them last night? Working!

Overall the Screen Actors Guild Awards were boring, to me at least. Could be because this goddamn flu won’t go away and I was fevering and aching in and out all weekend. Or was it because Tommy Lee Jones didn’t show? I really missed him. But I will never miss Sofia Vergara’s fiancé who, if you can imagine, was grosser than Justin Timberlake.

I know!!!!

So we’ll do some SAG highlights today -- and please check LifeStyle for more celebrity fashion photos from the weekend -- but we also have to talk about Cameron Diaz because, Jesus, if Gwyneth Paltrow really is her life coach, Cameron Diaz might be the only time my G has ever failed.

Yours in gossip,