Dear Gossips,

It’s not only Justin Bieber who supports Chris Brown -- click here if you missed Bieber’s interview with Billboard released yesterday during which he offers support for Brown and hopes he wins a Grammy -- it’s also Taylor Swift who told Rolling Stone in August that she has playlists full of Chris Brown music.

We can assume then that Swift will be one of many in the Grammy audience applauding if Chris Brown wins. Miranda Lambert won’t be applauding. She’s been among the few celebrities willing to actively NOT endorse Brown. Very few in the celebrity community are willing to actively NOT endorse Brown even though they certainly didn’t have a problem sh-tting on Kanye West a few years ago when he interrupted Taylor Swift onstage at the VMAs. Why is that? And, to borrow from Mimi, I rebuke the excuse about being afraid of attack from his crazy ass fans. I rebuke it. If Lady Gaga wanted to, she’d have her own monsters to shield her. Mostly though, the influential ones, they stay silent. Also, is it just me or were people angrier last week about Beyonce’s lip-synch than they ever are any time Chris Brown is celebrated?

Yours in gossip,