Dear Gossips,

After yesterday’s open about the Year of the Horse being sh-tty for those who are born Rats (click here for a refresher), I received a few emails, some complaining about the Rat getting all the attention. Like this one from Jennifer:

“UM, WTF...year of horse is all about rats?”

But why not spend more time helping and warning those who aren’t going to be lucky over those who will be lucky? You’re already lucky. How much more attention do you need? Do you want to be that greedy? That’s what the Chinese Squawking Chicken would say. And it’s what she used to say to me all the time when I was a kid, whining at her about her endless cautions. “Ma, why don’t you ever tell me anything good?” Not unlike many of your questions yesterday. “Hey Lainey, if Rats are going to have a bad year, who’s going to have a great year?”

The Squawking Chicken’s answer to this is:

Do you really need advance notice for good news? Do you really need to get ready for it?” You don’t. But advance notice really would benefit those who are in for some rough times, non?

That’s kind of how feng shui is supposed to work. It protects the weak.

Don’t forget to finish up your cleaning today and tomorrow. And wash your hair tomorrow because you can’t wash it on Friday!

Yours in gossip,