Dear Gossips,

Was up until 2am last night finishing a book.  Not a great move when you're trying to shut down the final stages of the flu but I couldn't help myself. And I still haven't even decided if I actually like this novel. It's the one everyone is talking about, Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. She's British. But it's not a Twilight rip-off, and it's not a book you need to keep strictly as an e-read either (although I hate the cover art so much I did actually e-read it) and hopefully it’ll inspire the same intensity and discussion. Anyway, again, still not sure how I feel so I might have to read it again but if you’re looking for something to burn through fast this weekend, you probably won’t make it to Saturday night. More thoughts on Me Before You soon. I’m still casting it in my head and, wouldn’t you know, predictably, it’s been sold in Hollywood as an upcoming film.

Oh good. It’s a Lindsay Lohan court day.

Yours in gossip,


PS. In the US, Elementary was given the coveted post Super Bowl spot on CBS. Here in Canada, on CTV, where I work, it’ll be a new show called Motive. A promo for it can be viewed here. There are a lot of reasons to want me dead.