Dear Gossips,

I can’t get away from Lana Del Rey. It is everywhere. How do you come up with Lana Del Rey anyway? We could easily come up with a list of better fake names than Lana Del Rey during 10 minutes on a liveblog. No matter, they’re determined to make Lana Del Rey ...stay. And I feel like, collectively, we’re too tired to fight it. Maybe that’s how those goddamn Kardashians took over. They just wore people down. Eventually it becomes too exhausting resisting battles on all fronts. Having said that, Gawker just compared Lana Del Rey to Avril Lavigne. Which is hilarious on many levels. Let there be a camera in the room when they break that to Avril. In fairness to her though, she didn’t have a millionaire daddy buying her a producer and a career. When you wake up tomorrow, Lana Del Rey will not be over.

Thank you for all your emails and tweets about the SAG Awards coverage yesterday! There’s a two week break before the next award show and then it’s a Grammy/BAFTA double bill followed two weeks after that by the Oscars. More on our annual Oscar contest etc very soon.

Schedule is back to normal today as Sasha and Hayley’s advice columns will be posted later. Currently in LifeStyle it’s the gorgeous Michael Kors pre-Fall 2012 collection. Click here to see.

The LiveBlog is happening on Thursday this week instead of today. Check on us then.

Yours in gossip,