Dear Gossips,

We’ve not yet addressed the Producers Guild nominations that were announced earlier this week. Bond Skyfall made it on the list ahead of The Dark Knight Rises (on genre, I preferred the Batman over 007 and The Avengers over both), building towards a possible Oscar nomination next week, and The Master didn’t show up at all. What happened to The Master? Three months ago it looked solid for inclusion in the Best Picture category. It’s a remarkably strong year, for sure, and the field is deep and the race is tight, yes, but The Master -- a Weinstein film! -- lost so much momentum so quickly, is it just because it doesn’t have its champions out the crusading for it on every magazine cover, or could it be something else that no one wants to talk about? Is that Xenu or it is just paranoia?

Am heading to LA this morning on assignment for 4 days on a 10am PT flight. Most of the column has been pre-written early. Will cover off any breaking news when I land but if it’s a slow day, it might be a short day. We go balls out next week with Critics’ Choice and the Oscar nominations and Ryan Gosling will be on the red carpet. Rest up then, OK? It’s gossip high season! Won’t stop from now until the end of February.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,