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Where gossip is concerned, it’s a promising beginning. We kick off 2015 with a royal sex scandal. I’ve linked to it before, several times, but if you haven’t already, you should go back to Vanity Fair’s 2011 piece called The Trouble With Andrew. Jeffrey Epstein is mentioned in the very first paragraph. His relationship with Prince Andrew has been a concern for the royal family for many years now. Interestingly enough though, Vanity Fair’s article examines how the Queen herself has played a role in Andrew’s poor decision making. Supposedly she has always indulged him, even, perhaps, over the objections of the future King, Prince Charles. They say that Andrew has taken advantage of the blind spot his mother has for him as security for his daughters because he’s worried that Charles will cut them off when he ascends. That’s also, allegedly, why he hangs out with all these sketchy, obscenely wealthy people: he doesn’t get enough of an allowance.

Click here to read the Vanity Fair piece. It’s especially interesting/enlightening considering what’s going on right now. Prince Andrew reportedly will be meeting with senior advisors this morning before having to answer to his mother. Now I guess we know why she was barely affected when a naked Hot Harry had his balls cupped on camera in Vegas. It was nothing in comparison.

As of yesterday we are just 7 weeks to Oscar. 7 weeks!

And, of course, in 6 days it’s the Golden Globes. Hope you’re ready. Gossip High Season begins now. Welcome back!

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PS. Attached – what I’m wearing today. I asked them for #19 a few months ago when the new Hockey Canada jerseys were released because… Jonathan Toews. But it certainly worked last night for Nic Petan. GO CANADA GO!