Dear Gossips,

Ryan Gosling is directing a movie called How To Catch A Monster. When I spoke to him at the premiere for Gangster Squad he said he’d been busy in pre-production for weeks and that he was hoping to start shooting in a few months. He and Eva Mendes haven’t not been photographed together in a while. Even though his ma was wearing Eva’s clothes at that premiere -- click here for a refresher -- still there were those convinced that they’d split. So when they don’t get shot they must be broken up. And when they do get shot it’s because she called up the paps and is faking it for their benefit. She really can’t win in this situation.

Although you could say she keeps winning. Because he has reportedly just cast her in the film. (Source via Vulture) That’s ... almost like a proposal, non? When you put your girlfriend in your movie, that’s all day and all night and then you see her in post and then you’re with her during publicity and then she’s at the premiere and, well, you could say it speaks to how solid they must be. Or, if you’re denier, maybe this is how he softens the blow of leaving her? I don’t want to be with you anymore but here’s a job in my movie...?

That’s what’s so fascinating about deniers, especially celebrity deniers. They can be very, very creative when they’re trying to negate something they don’t want to believe. This should be a new series on Investigation Discovery -- the crazy of the fan, and each episode explores how: from shipping to denying to stalking to Twi-Harding. Would you watch?

Yours in gossip,