Dear Gossips,

It would be GREAT gossip, no doubt. It would be suuuuuuuch a dick move, totally. But it was also a random tweet from an alleged nurse that has since been deleted. And both US Weekly and Page Six are suggesting that it was a hoax.


Duana was considering the possibility that for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, it could also have been a decoy, like she thinks Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen’s “Briar Rose” might also be a decoy.

Don’t you think Blake would want to be a total original though?

They’re saying that while Violet seems unlikely, it is probably a girl. Some of your suggestions yesterday for girls’ names (click here for a refresher) were Southern belle-ish. Savannah etc. Others gave it a hipster twist. I’m sticking with Grey for a boy or a girl. Keep sending!

Yours in gossip,