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Dear Gossips,

I covered the Gangster Squad premiere last night here in LA and afterwards, as I was walking over to the Roosevelt to hand off my tapes, two girls, around 20 or so, who’d been waiting across the street in the crowd, rushed by squealing: HE MADE EYE CONTACT WITH US, HE LOOKED RIGHT AT OUR FACES!

Ryan Gosling, of course.

For me it was Anthony Mackie again. Anthony Mackie is Too.Much. Mackie was being interviewed when Sean Penn arrived on the carpet. Flashbulbs were going off behind him. Mackie had stopped for the outlet on the press line just ahead of me. As he was talking into their microphone, he could see that their cameraman was shooting over him at Penn at the photo wall. And he called them out -- in a sexy, good-natured, hilarious way:

“You’re on Sean Penn right now, aren’t you? You don’t even have it on my face right now, don’t you? When people watch this back, they’re going to say, ‘Hey how come Sean Penn talks with a black man’s voice now?’”

It was hot. It was funny. And it was also...humble. There was no bitterness in Mackie about it. He KNEW. In that particular situation, he knows his place on the list. He doesn’t resent it, he didn’t try to fight it. In a town full of fragile egos, you can imagine how attractive that would be.

Thank you for your feedback yesterday re: the first edition of Smutty Food. We’ll do another one for the Super Bowl. LifeStyle will continue to be updated today with more photos so please visit often. I’m heading back to Vancouver this afternoon and I’m trying to update all the content before my flight. If something breaks late though, I’ll cover it first tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,


PS…Vancouver: want a chance to attend an advanced screening of Zero Dark Thirty? I’m giving away 6 pairs of tickets courtesy our friends at Futureshop and Alliance Films.  If you can make it to International Village Cinemas in Vancouver at 7pm on Thursday (January 10, 2013) and would like a chance to win, email [email protected] with “Zero Dark Thirty” as the title before EOD Pacific tonight (Tuesday, January 8, 2013).  We’ll draw tomorrow so stay close to your email.  Good luck!

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