Dear Gossips,

Please don’t make me care about the People’s Choice Awards. We’ll post some pictures, sure. We’ll look at some dresses, maybe three or four, fine. But, I say it every year, it’s not like they matter. And, well, if you look at that red carpet and who was on it, that should tell you everything.

So let’s talk about Tina Fey. Busy Tina Fey. After seeing the newest Golden Globe promo the other day (I’ve attached it below), Duana texted me and remarked on how tired Tina seemed. No doubt, she and her team have been working with Amy Poehler on the jokes. And it’s also the winter TCAs so, yesterday, she was promoting her new show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, starring Ellie Kemper and airing, in bulk, as usual, on Netflix beginning March 6th. It’s about a woman who spent 15 years in a doomsday bunker with the rest of her cult and then decides to Katie Holmes herself to New York and begin a new life.

Kimmy Schmidt was originally for NBC. In November, the network decided, after consulting with Tina and her writing partner Robert Carlock, that it was better suited for Netflix. Netflix has already decided that there will be a season 2. Season 1 however was already complete by the time the deal to move was in place. So what you’ll see on March 6 will be the conventional network television version of the show. In other words, super safe for the MiniVan Majority where it was initially supposed to live. But …maybe not safe enough?

And is that becoming another way of categorising people now? Like a new first date question? Liberal, conservative, or independent? Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha? City, suburban, or tax-evading forest forager? Cable, conventional, or Netflix? 

Yours in gossip,