Dear Gossips,

Someone yelled at me yesterday for disrespecting the People’s Choice Awards. Here’s why it’s hard to take the People’s Choice Awards seriously: Adam Sandler won for Favourite Comedic Movie Actor. I mean…

Sandler and Drew Barrymore have a new movie coming out, their 3rd together. Blended will be released in May, Memorial Day weekend. Which means they think it’ll draw the “family” crowd and hope it’s a big box office performer. Watch the trailer below. Now you know why I think that’s terrifying.

PCA coverage is coming. But there’s a lot of other (more interesting) business we have to get to too. Also many of you have been asking about my YA and romance binge-reading during the holidays. Will put a list together this weekend, if I can tear myself away from them. There’s a formula that’s so predictable and ridiculous but I’m weak this time of year. I am WEAK.

Yours in gossip,