Dear Gossips,

The BAFTA nominations were announced today. The Grand Budapest Hotel leads the list with the film’s Ralph Fiennes taking a Leading Actor spot alongside the acknowledged locks in the category Michael Keaton, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Eddie Redmayne. Jake Gyllenhaal is firmly in fourth right now for Oscar consideration and as for Steve Carell, the British Academy has moved him over to Best Supporting Actor.

But no Jennifer Aniston. Instead, the BAFTAs named Amy Adams to the Leading Actress list. (Amy was out last night at a pre-Globes party hosted by W Magazine. Photos are attached below.) Does this jeopardise Aniston’s shot at being called by Oscar next Thursday when the Academy reveals its nominees? I don’t think so. Her campaign wasn’t focused on the BAFTA. The other day, I mentioned Sandra Bullock’s Oscar speech in a post about Aniston and the award season support from all her friends. Click here for a refresher. You’ll recall, when Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for The Blind Side in 2010, she wasn’t nominated for a BAFTA either.

But before the BAFTAs and before the Oscars, we have the Golden Globes to get to this weekend. It’s the best party. It’s always the most fun. I’ll be live-tweeting on Sunday during red carpet arrivals with Duana and Sarah. My Twitter is @laineygossip. Duana is @duanaelise. Sarah is @cinesnark.

After the show it’s an all-nighter. We’ll start posting around 1am ET Sunday night/Monday and then all through the morning and afternoon. Welcome to Gossip High Season! Join us!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,