Dear Gossips,

Thanks for all your messages about Go Set A Watchman. I didn’t end up starting it on the plane yesterday and not because I got hung up on a dirty book but because Avengers: Age Of Ultron was one of the featured films. Remember, I’ve seen the first Avengers movie probably around 30 times. And it’ll probably end up the same way with Ultron. If I can’t sleep tonight on my flight back to Toronto on the redeye, I’ll go to Ultron. It’s really weird. I’m not a comic book person. But these movies are so addictive to me.

So I’m in LA to cover the ESPY Awards red carpet for etalk. Serena Williams has been nominated a few times. I might lose my sh-t if she shows up. Anyway, we have to be in position pretty early for arrivals. So I’m preparing as much as I can before I have to leave and I’ll post some on the road too. Just wanted to let you know in case things go sideways for whatever reason. Traffic in Los Angeles is more terrifying than any villain.

Here’s Serena at the ESPYs in 2011. I don’t think she’s been back since. But this year she’s holding a Serena Slam. I mean if there was any time to show up…

Yours in gossip,