Dear Gossips,

Went to see The Amazing Spider-Man yesterday. Totally agree with Sarah that Andrew Garfield is the best Peter Parker ever - click here if you missed her original post.

Anyway, during the trailers I learned of the existence of a movie called Here Comes The Boom starring Kevin James, oh God. He plays an out-of-shape teacher (no kidding) who tries to save his school by becoming an MMA fighter. Every fight he wins he donates the cash to the kids’ programs. The students are inspired. Fellow teacher Salma Hayek is inspired. They will likely fall in love. How is Salma Hayek even seeing these scripts, let alone actually agreeing to be in the movie? It really is never enough, is it? They all want the masses; don’t ever let them tell you any differently.

Ok here we go...

The Dark Knight Rises this week. So far the reviews have been positive across the board. But you will somehow still find a way to sh-t on Anne Hathaway, won’t you? I look forward to your messages. Be creative!

Yours in gossip,